The Border Prayer Room Project

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19/03/11 Border Prayer Room Project going bilingual

The Border Prayer Rooms website will soon be available in Welsh. After the Ludlow meeting on the 12th earlier this month, we had a volunteer step in to translate the whole site for us. What an answer to prayer!  Photo’s from that meeting will be shown soon.


12/03/11 Border Prayer Room Consultation Day

Ludlow saw the first of the Border Prayer Room meetings with worship led by Greg Leavers and details of the Border Prayer Room Project given by Yvonne Mason.


30/03/11 Abergavenny Border Prayer Room can’t get enough

Abergavenny Border Prayer Room will be continuing their prayer room until the 1st of June. They will be running an open house, 24/7 prayer room, from the time the baton is passed onto the next location. Abergavenny location leader, Ange Sampson, says, “...when I was laughing with Yvonne at the Powys prayer Conference about how much work goes into building prayer spaces, I heard a voice that said, "Well do it for a week then".......What an exciting prospect. We held a week of continuous prayer here a couple of years ago, the transformation that came about because of it was amazing, with many lives impacted....”


To find out how to book a prayer slot in the 24-7 prayer room,
go to
Abergavenny's Location page for more details

5/05/11 Border Prayer Room Project going bilingual

The Border Prayer Rooms web site is now available in Welsh. There is still some work left to do, particularly as the web site is constantly being updated, so please bear with us....  thanks


6/05/11 Video Diaries

Exciting latest development will be the Video Diaries available through the web site. These video clips will be around 5 minutes each, and will include both locations of each prayer day.

To access the video’s you will need a username and password available from your Location Leader from 10th May.

Follow the link on the Home Page, to get to the Video Diaries

12/05/11 Walkers on a high

Now everyone seems to want to scramble up the High Places and bless our nations! On Saturday 14th, not one, but two groups are joining together (including one all the way from the Forest of Dean who are leaving Mitcheldean at 4.30am)  are planning to go up Snowdon. In addition, there is the group walking up Scafell Pike in the Lake

District, and also we've now heard of a group who are going up Ben Nevis in Scotland, who will be praying for our two nations of England and Wales as part of the Project!

But it doesn't stop there! We have a group going up Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons; another going up Moel Famau in North Wales; as well as groups going up local High Places in the Churchstoke area (Mid Wales), the Oswestry area; a group in Kent, and several others scattered over England and Wales! It's going to be a busy day! Well done to all those doing the scrambling and praying, and may they be blessed and inspired as they do so!

14/5/11 More prayer walkers as relay prepares to begin

Today the first day of the Border Prayer Room Relay, another fantastic separate event is also taking place simultaneously with the Project events . A group from Pioneer People, Wirral, a church linked to the Pioneer Network, have gathered a team to walk from Talcre Beach to West Kirby. They have called the Walk the Lasso Walk, from a picture they received of standing at Talcre Beach lassoing West Kirby – pulling the two nations of England and Wales together. They are starting the walk this morning (Saturday 14th May) and will finish it tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 15th May).

It's fantastic to see how God is moving His people to pray for and bless England and Wales in unity! The Border Prayer Room Project wishes the Lasso Walk every success and blessing in their endeavour.


21/5/11 International & National Support

It's great to know that several national and international Christian organisations are actively supporting the Border Prayer Room Project in prayer. The Salvation Army sent out this notice to their  UK Territory people recently:


To the 24-7/SA Live Network


Dear Friends,


As I write to you today I am remembering Newtown Corps (West Midlands) will be praying today 24-7 as part of the Border Prayer Initiative which is an ecumenical event.  'God is calling the Border people of England and Wales to join together in a continuous prayer relay, Two prayer rooms, one in England and one in Wales will simultaneously pray for 24 hours, then hand the ‘baton’ of prayer onto the next pair of prayer rooms. This prayer relay will take two weeks to complete, and bring God’s much needed blessing in a region that has literally been a historical ‘war zone’, both physically and spiritually.'


We've also heard that Aglow International, the Lydia Fellowship, and Prayer for the Nations are standing with us, and we'd like to pass on our thanks and greetings from the Border Prayer Room Project to these organisations. Be Blessed!

21/5/11 New Carpark facility for Sedbury Hills

 “We have been blessed with new car parking for Sedbury Cliffs which is as close as we can get with transport. The farmer is a friend of a friend and he is delighted to let us use his field for parking. He regularly runs a sport where people are inside huge plastic balls and roll down his fields so has parking for 100’s of cars………….he is going to cut the grass and trim the hedges too!” says Isobel.


Check out the Special Events page and the Sedbury Cliffs page for further details of the event, and for directions and map.