The Border Prayer Room Project

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The origins of The Border Prayer Room Project came from pictures and words received by Yvonne Mason in May 2009.


“I saw a map of the Welsh/English border. Running down the border was a line of stitches (rather like sutures), joining the two nations together. I heard the words “hands across the border”, and came to understand that God was wanting the Border people of England and Wales to join together in a continuous prayer relay, during which they prayed together and blessed each other’s communities and nations”.


“It became clear that the stitches represent pairs of ‘24-7 Prayer style’ prayer rooms, each pair consisting of one Welsh and one English prayer room, beginning at the northern end of the border. The two prayer rooms would simultaneously pray for 24 hours, then hand the ‘baton’ of prayer onto the next pair of prayer rooms, who would pray for the following 24 hour period, until the southern end was reached at Chepstow. This prayer relay would take two weeks to complete, and bring God’s much needed blessing in a region that has literally been a historical ‘war zone’, both physically and spiritually.”


Yvonne and her husband Paul shared this vision with Lindy Morgan, who represents the 24-7 Prayer movement in Wales, and are currently working together with Lindy to develop ‘The Border Prayer Room Project’, as it came to be called. This project has the support of Christian organisations such as Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders) Wales, Evangelical Alliance Wales, Maranatha in the Marches, and 24-7 Prayer UK. We have also shared the vision with various leaders in Wales, all of whom feel that this project is part of God’s purposes for this time.


Regarding this, Elfed Godding, Leader of Evangelical Alliance Wales, writes:


“I commend wholeheartedly The Border Prayer Room Project. Yvonne, Paul and Lindy are implementing a vision that demonstrates the very core of the Gospel- reconciliation and peace through the work of Christ.”


The aim of The Border Prayer Room Project is to facilitate God’s people along the Borders of England and Wales to pray for, and pour blessing into each others’ communities. This project will broadly follow the 24-7 prayer model already used so powerfully by God over the last ten years to touch people’s lives, reaching across the whole world.
(For more information on this model of prayer, see


We believe that the Lord is calling our two nations to do something positive together across the border of the Marches area which has, over the centuries, been a physical and spiritual war zone. We believe that this will build on the reconciliation work already laid down by Barbara Tonkin, Hwyel Rhys Edwards, Sowing Seeds for Revival, Walk of 1000 Men and many other faithful and unmentioned in God’s service. The aim of this project is not directly to address the historic issues between our two nations, but to intercede for and pour blessing into each others’ nations.


It has been pointed out that, with the exception of the Rhosllanergrugog (Wrexham) area, and the very southern end of the Welsh-English border in 1904/5, this region has never seen the revivals and outpourings that have graced other areas and communities in the UK in times past, and that a release of God’s blessing between the Welsh and the English is long overdue. There is a growing body of consensus amongst believers in this region and beyond, that the time for this blessing is imminent!




Each pair of Prayer Rooms will pray for one twenty four hour period, split up into one hour slots which people are able to book in advance. Prayer in the prayer rooms would focus on two main areas: personal intimacy and relationship with God; and intercessory and blessing prayer for the community and nation on the other side of the border.


A thread running through the whole project will be a specially written prayer of blessing which will be prayed in all the prayer rooms taking part in the event, as it proceeds down the border. The prayer rooms will be open to all Christian believers who wish to pray for and bless the nations of England and Wales.



Working full time as the Wales representative for 24-7 Prayer, Lindy has a passion for seeing and releasing people of all ages, but especially the youth, into praying according to who they are in Christ Jesus. She has a background of fashion design, accountancy and youth work (admittedly a strange combination!), however her passion for the King and His Kingdom far outweighs her peculiarity, or maybe it explains it! Wife and mother of two beautiful daughters she loves to pray, paint and worship. Nicknamed 'Firestarter' she lives up to her name as a spiritual arsonist!

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Yvonne and Paul, have a passion to see worship and prayer regain their God given place as the heartbeat of the nation of Wales. Having been active for years in the UK as worship leaders, children’s workers, and muppeteers, they are currently seeking to fulfil God’s call to train and equip teams of worshippers and to help develop continuous prayer and worship across the nation. Yvonne, from Llandudno in North Wales, is a historian, private tutor and cross stitch addict!


Paul, from London, England, was once a simple jobbing musician but after years of being thrown into weird and wonderful situations and discovering more about living in God’s Kingdom here on this planet, knows even less how to describe himself to people than he used to...

They both love worshipping, doing 24-7 prayer rooms, and have more interests (and less time) than you could shake a medium sized oak tree at...


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   We believe in…

  1. The one true God who lives eternally in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The love, grace and sovereignty of God in creating, sustaining, ruling, redeeming and judging the world.
  3. The divine inspiration and supreme authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, which are the written Word of God – fully trustworthy for faith and conduct.
  4. The dignity of all people, made male and female in God’s image to love, be holy and care for creation, yet corrupted by sin, which incurs divine wrath and judgement.
  5. The incarnation of God’s eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ – born of the virgin Mary, truly divine and truly human, yet without sin.
  6. The atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross: dying in our place, paying the price of sin and defeating evil, so reconciling us with God.
  7. The bodily resurrection of Christ, the firstfruit of our resurrection; his ascension to the Father, and his reign and mediation as the only Saviour of the world.
  8. The justification of sinners solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ.
  9. The ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ through new birth, empowers our discipleship and enables our witness.
  10. The Church, the body of Christ both local and universal, the priesthood of all believers – given life by the Spirit and endowed with the Spirit’s gifts to worship God and proclaim the gospel, promoting justice and love.
  11. The personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfil the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgement, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost, and establish a new heaven and new earth.